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2 New Articles

Nice news for an academic: two articles that I spent a lot of time working on over the past couple of years went to press on literally the same day this past week. Both will be featured in the fall edition of two very nice journals. One comes out of a larger project that I […]

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tying up loose ends

I just uploaded a new article that I’ve had accepted in Public Opinion Quarterly. The article – Local Political Knowledge and Assessments of Citizen Competence – has been working its way through conceptualization (procrastination) for a very long time now. But, in the midst of lots of upheaval, it is now ready for its global […]

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hello 2011

Better late than never, time for a new post. Things have been hectic since we last spoke: work, holidays, job searching, etc. Time enough today for a couple quick updates.
1. New publication! Information, Communication, and Society has published an article that I wrote about local political information availability on the WWW. The concept of […]

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unfinished business…almost finished

A mere five months ago, I posted a little write-up of a project that I’d been working on that examined citizen’s political competence. Rather than basing my assessment of competence on just the public’s national political knowledge, my perspective is that competence is a broad & complicated matter that should be assessed at least in […]

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local politics & citizen competence

I haven’t had too much time to blog lately. Instead, I’ve been trying to complete a draft of a new paper that examines citizen competence. Citizen competence – which scholars study as a way of understanding whether (or perhaps to what extent) citizens are capable of contributing meaningfully to their democratic governance – is normally […]

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A failed NYT op-ed

I spent a couple hours last week writing an op-ed that I submitted to the Times with little hope of publication. Supposedly, they receive more than 1000 submissions a week. They only publish around 10 op-eds a week & many/most are invited from big-name folks. Just doing the math – and setting aside the likelihood […]

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Admitting that local news might be a (small) niche product

Today, David Carr of the NYT wrote a piece about a long, foundation-funded report on the future of journalism. Nope, not the Knight Commission report I wrote about last week. Another report – this one out of Columbia’s J School & co-authored by eminent communication scholar, Michael Schudson. You need a scorecard for these things…
Anyways, […]

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Simulating Local News

Over the past few weeks, details about a plan at the New York Times to create ‘local’ editions of the NYT across the country have been leaking out. First, there was word of some sort of collaboration between the Times and Berkeley’s J-School out in the Bay Area. Yesterday, some whispers about a similar project […]

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