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Why Slow News is an Impossible Dream

I’m not exactly sure why, but I spent part of my morning thinking & writing about slow news. I probably had more important work to do than generating this blog post, but…here it is.
Tweet tweet tweet goes the Twitterverse. Blah blah blah go the talking heads. A suspect has been named. A dark-skinned man has […]

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the delinquent blogger awakens…

Over the weekend, the Christian Science Monitor posted the online version of a cover story that they just published about the implications of the demise of newspapers – and the story features some quotes from your truly. By now, it’s old news: newspapers are fading into oblivion around the United States. Big papers like the […]

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2 New Articles

Nice news for an academic: two articles that I spent a lot of time working on over the past couple of years went to press on literally the same day this past week. Both will be featured in the fall edition of two very nice journals. One comes out of a larger project that I […]

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b’more & the local news

Next American City just posted a quick review I wrote about a recent Project for the Excellence in Journalism report on the local news media in Baltimore. You can check out my post here. (Thanks to NAC for the nifty picture to the left, btw…)
The PEJ report is an interesting piece of work. Basically, […]

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another look at (simulated) local news

I’ve got a post that went up today over at Next American City that returns to the discussion of national news outlets targeting local media markets. I wrote about this before, focusing directly on the New York Times foray into Chicago and SF. This time, I’ve broadened the scope to include the Wall Street Journal […]

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Ask a Media Nerd

So, over the holidays a friend, and perhaps my only loyal reader, emailed me some questions about the modern media environment. I was hooked. I mean, it took me two weeks to struggle out of my vacation stupor to respond, but, here it is: the first edition of Ask a Media Nerd!

Quick backstory: my […]

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evidence of urban history

I like cities & I like history. In particular, I’m a big Philly fan – which makes sense since, as far as American cities go, Philly’s got some history. I also live in Philadelphia, so that’s nice for me. At any rate, I thought I’d quickly put up a couple sets of links that reflect […]

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Admitting that local news might be a (small) niche product

Today, David Carr of the NYT wrote a piece about a long, foundation-funded report on the future of journalism. Nope, not the Knight Commission report I wrote about last week. Another report – this one out of Columbia’s J School & co-authored by eminent communication scholar, Michael Schudson. You need a scorecard for these things…
Anyways, […]

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Reviewing the Knight Commission report

I wrote a quick summary/review of the Knight Commission (on the Information Needs…) report that was released about ten days ago that was just posted over at the Next American City website. Click here to read the piece on americancity.org. I should also mention here that I had a small part in supporting […]

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Simulating Local News

Over the past few weeks, details about a plan at the New York Times to create ‘local’ editions of the NYT across the country have been leaking out. First, there was word of some sort of collaboration between the Times and Berkeley’s J-School out in the Bay Area. Yesterday, some whispers about a similar project […]

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