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Thinking About Communication Globally

Since I began studying Communication, most of my research has focused on the United States — especially within local contexts. Over the past 16 months, I’ve been exploring communication effects in a new context (for me): Uganda. In the process, I’ve been collaborating with an NGO named Peripheral Vision International (PVI) that works to facilitate […]

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Studying Community Attachment & Communication

An entry on Community Attachment that I wrote for the Oxford Bibliographies, edited by Patricia Moy, just went live this week. The bibliographies are a really great resource — I often recommend them to students as a starting point for their research projects. Many eminent scholars (across many disciplines) have contributed to the resource and […]

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the delinquent blogger awakens…

Over the weekend, the Christian Science Monitor posted the online version of a cover story that they just published about the implications of the demise of newspapers – and the story features some quotes from your truly. By now, it’s old news: newspapers are fading into oblivion around the United States. Big papers like the […]

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Do newspapers matter? Can we prove it?

The trajectory of your home-town newspaper over the last 20 years probably hasn’t been upward. As the chart above suggests, starting even before the rise of the internet, major daily newspapers have steadily seen their audience erode (and possibly die, literally). Pew has covered the dissolution of the newspaper industry in great detail over the […]

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local politics & citizen competence

I haven’t had too much time to blog lately. Instead, I’ve been trying to complete a draft of a new paper that examines citizen competence. Citizen competence – which scholars study as a way of understanding whether (or perhaps to what extent) citizens are capable of contributing meaningfully to their democratic governance – is normally […]

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snow days

As yet another snowstorm buffets the east coast, I thought I’d squeeze in a little post to freshen up things around here…I should get a little slack for all the snow, right? Are there blogging snow days?
First, and speaking of snow, this image (and the post it leads to) was forwarded to me last […]

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Reviewing the Knight Commission report

I wrote a quick summary/review of the Knight Commission (on the Information Needs…) report that was released about ten days ago that was just posted over at the Next American City website. Click here to read the piece on americancity.org. I should also mention here that I had a small part in supporting […]

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