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Yesterday, as I rode the shuttle from Princeton’s campus to the main train station, I noticed the gentleman next to me start a crossword puzzle. I ignored him & continued reading…but after about 5 minutes of the ride, I glanced over.

Reaction #1: Hey, wow, that guy’s making good progress.

Reaction #2: Hmm – it’s a New York times puzzle those are hard.

Reaction #3: People around here are so smart! Shucks!

Reaction #4: Oh, wait, it’s Tuesday – NYT puzzles on Tuesday aren’t that hard. I’m not impressed anymore. Any dolt knows that ‘mint’ is a 4-letter answer for ‘breath freshener.’

Reaction #5: I can’t believe I just downgraded a stranger’s intelligence based upon the presumed difficulty of a crossword puzzle – and that I had a logical rationale for doing so. I need to make better use of my time. (You know, by blogging. Duh.)

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