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snow days

As yet another snowstorm buffets the east coast, I thought I’d squeeze in a little post to freshen up things around here…I should get a little slack for all the snow, right? Are there blogging snow days?

First, and speaking of snow, this image (and the post it leads to) was forwarded to me last week since I’m a media geek. Turns out nobody cares enough about the Washington Post to bother digging it out from a snowdrift. The free rag? Totally different story. I feel like I’ve made this point before, less succintly, about the Metro and other similar publications. This image sure drives it home…

Second, this seems like a good opportunity to toot my own horn a little. Any day now, an article that I wrote about the effects of increasing media choice upon local & national political knowledge will be released in the new issue of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. It’s a great journal – despite its frustratingly limited presence on the web – and I’m excited to have the article printed. I’ve never been so happy to give away the product of (literally) hundreds of hours of my work… A sneak preview of the piece can be found here. If you’re interested, the main finding is that simply having more media access – to things like cable TV or satellite radio – correlates with having less local political knowledge, even after controlling for various other factors. Kinda scary given the modern media world we live in… Happy shoveling – or, if you’re somewhere sans snow – happy gloating.

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