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back in the saddle

The end of summer is either quickly approaching or has already passed, which means that it’s time to leave the great outdoors and get back to work. So, a few quick updates to ease back into the blog…

1. Good news! According to the AP Stylebook, we can all finally be comfortable and correct when we “website” and not “Web site.” Read all about the change here. As the article notes, perhaps one day we’ll live in a world that accepts ’email’ and ‘internet’ as the proper terminology. Until then, at least one minor victory has been secured. Wonder how long my suite of Microsoft products will take before integrating the new spelling…

2. In other, also good, news, the Journal of Communication has just released an article I co-wrote long ago, in a land far, far away (Philadelphia). The article looks at news coverage of Hurricane Katrina & the ways in which different pictures can alter the audience’s understanding of major events like Katrina. This article is nothing if not timely…Well, at least it was released in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of Katrina and the screening of Spike Lee’s If God is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise, right?

3. For those who are interested, another article that I co-wrote has also been accepted and published online, in advance of its release in Political Behavior. This article looks at another experiment in which the effects of a sexual scandal upon a white presidential candidate (John Edwards, in this case) and a black presidential candidate (Barack Obama) were assessed. The general idea is that the black candidate will (and does) suffer more because the sexual scandal cues other underlying, negative stereotypes associated with black people. You can sneak a peek at the article here. Hats off to Political Behavior for having online advance publication so that this article can be in the wild before Obama’s already been re-elected – definitely makes sense in this age of “websites.”

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