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More coverage of the Political Behavior Sex & Race scandal article – this time from The Monkey Cage. They don’t say much, but it’s pretty cool to have the gist excerpted on their (much more widely read!) blog. Thanks!

They do point out that this article is ‘timely’ given the recent Weinergate brouhaha. Certainly, the article came out on basically the same day as John Edwards’ indictment – something that had some bizarro symmetry in my eyes. That said, I hadn’t really thought much of this article in reference to Rep. Weiner, but… It seems like no matter when you publish an article about politics & sexual scandals, if it’s in a quarterly publication, there’s bound to be some sort of scandalous dust-up that falls into that same 3-month window. So, pretty much no matter what, you’re guaranteed to be timely!

Finally: a way to dodge the time-lag problem of academic journals: publish on an evergreen topic. You know, like sex scandals involving politicians…


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