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2 New Articles

Nice news for an academic: two articles that I spent a lot of time working on over the past couple of years went to press on literally the same day this past week. Both will be featured in the fall edition of two very nice journals. One comes out of a larger project that I helped two colleagues work on during my post-doc & the other is a solo-authored piece that traces back to my dissertation. In both cases, I am very pleased that the papers are out for the world to see.

The first article, Gender Inequality in Deliberative Participation, is co-written with Tali Mendelberg and Chris Karpowitz (and stems from a larger project on deliberation). It’s in the fall edition of the American Political Science Review and details the results of an experiment that focuses on the deliberative interactions of mixed-gender conversation groups. In short, it details how the contributions of men and women differ based upon the group composition and the conditions that structure the conversation. Should be noteworthy to anyone who studies deliberation — or is interested in small-group communication broadly defined.

The second article, Local Political Knowledge and Assessments of Citizen Competence, stems from my dissertation research. This piece compares levels of local and national political knowledge in the same population and relates the findings to the ongoing debate in political science about citizen competence. In short, the idea is that we hold many assumptions about who is knowledgeable about politics — and therefore a ‘competent’ citizen — based on studies of national politics. I feel like these assessments of the public are reductive at best and pejorative at worst — and suggest that local political knowledge is indicative of a kind of competence as well. This article is published in┬áPublic Opinion Quarterly and it puts some of my research into a new, relevant context. Curious to see if it generates any reaction…

And now back to the dog days of summer.


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