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Thinking About Communication Globally

uganda_mapSince I began studying Communication, most of my research has focused on the United States — especially within local contexts. Over the past 16 months, I’ve been exploring communication effects in a new context (for me): Uganda. In the process, I’ve been collaborating with an NGO named Peripheral Vision International (PVI) that works to facilitate the flow of communication in East/Central Africa.

In simple terms, I’m helping PVI ground various communication campaigns in research. In reality, creating and distributing effective messages in a country around the world, where 90% of households lack electricity, more than 50 languages are spoken and the median age is 15.5 is quite challenging! Ideally, research can be integrated into this process as both a guide and an assessment — which is where I enter the equation.

At any rate, in the past couple of months, I have published and discussed some of this work. Below, in a short lecture, I explore the rationale for this work:


In addition, a recent publication in the International Journal of Communication depicts the effects of a specific project. What’s the best way to talk about government corruption on a rap news television program? We’re trying to find out…

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