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just a general nerd

Yesterday, as I rode the shuttle from Princeton’s campus to the main train station, I noticed the gentleman next to me start a crossword puzzle. I ignored him & continued reading…but after about 5 minutes of the ride, I glanced over.
Reaction #1: Hey, wow, that guy’s making good progress.
Reaction #2: Hmm – it’s a […]

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2 Quick thoughts:
1. I’m reading a new book – published in 2009 – that capitalizes the word ‘internet.’ We don’t capitalize ‘radio’ or ‘television’ – can we all agree that it’s time to stop capitalizing internet? Even now, my WordPress spell checker is going nuts, telling me that internet needs, desperately needs, a capital i…
2. […]

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evidence of urban history

I like cities & I like history. In particular, I’m a big Philly fan – which makes sense since, as far as American cities go, Philly’s got some history. I also live in Philadelphia, so that’s nice for me. At any rate, I thought I’d quickly put up a couple sets of links that reflect […]

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