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Strangely enough, I was on local Portland TV a couple weeks ago. The NBC affiliate here was looking to do a story on the roll-out of Google’s new privacy policy (see below), and they came to PSU for some ‘expert’ commentary. My phone rang, and 30 minutes later reporter+cameraman were in my office, filming. I […]

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1/24/2011: The Day Google became MicroFlix

Wait, what’s this? I’ve woken from my blog stupor? Was I having a good dream? Hard to say, but I know that the first thing I read this morning didn’t make me feel good: Google’s new ‘privacy’ policy.
So, tech companies change their privacy policies all the time — no big deal. But this time? When […]

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can google save the news?

In my post-Memorial Day malaise, I just got around to reading the current Atlantic cover story on Google & the future of journalism. Having seen dozens of similar articles over the past few years, I’m a little jaded about this sort of Eeyore news navel-gazing. That said, I found this particular article to be […]

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