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Why Slow News is an Impossible Dream

I’m not exactly sure why, but I spent part of my morning thinking & writing about slow news. I probably had more important work to do than generating this blog post, but…here it is.
Tweet tweet tweet goes the Twitterverse. Blah blah blah go the talking heads. A suspect has been named. A dark-skinned man has […]

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a scientific conceit…and the news

A new post that I wrote just went up over at Next American City. The┬ápost – which is about a pair of different attempts at building the news organization for the 21st century – grew out of reading a couple pieces in the Atlantic that came at the topic from very different starting points. One […]

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can google save the news?

In my post-Memorial Day malaise, I just got around to reading the current Atlantic cover story on Google & the future of journalism. Having seen dozens of similar articles over the past few years, I’m a little jaded about this sort of Eeyore news navel-gazing. That said, I found this particular article to be […]

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b’more & the local news

Next American City just posted a quick review I wrote about a recent Project for the Excellence in Journalism report on the local news media in Baltimore. You can check out my post here. (Thanks to NAC for the nifty picture to the left, btw…)
The PEJ report is an interesting piece of work. Basically, […]

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what’s lost when audiences diffuse

One of my professors at Penn, Elihu Katz, had a very interesting opportunity during his career. In the late 1960s, Katz was already an esteemed professor at Chicago when Israel asked him to lead the rollout of broadcast TV in that country. Though TV was obviously invented decades earlier and was a cultural phenomenon […]

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Admitting that local news might be a (small) niche product

Today, David Carr of the NYT wrote a piece about a long, foundation-funded report on the future of journalism. Nope, not the Knight Commission report I wrote about last week. Another report – this one out of Columbia’s J School & co-authored by eminent communication scholar, Michael Schudson. You need a scorecard for these things…
Anyways, […]

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