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Simulating Local News

Over the past few weeks, details about a plan at the New York Times to create ‘local’ editions of the NYT across the country have been leaking out. First, there was word of some sort of collaboration between the Times and Berkeley’s J-School out in the Bay Area. Yesterday, some whispers about a similar project […]

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i’ve been scooped!

How terrible! Brian Tierney is shocked! Last weekend, The New York Times Magazine had a feature article that imagined Philadelphia would be the first major American city without a major daily newspaper.my article on The Notebook in Next American City by a matter of days! At any rate, the section on The […]

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The Notebook & the Future of Journalism

I just wrote a short article for Next American City on a Philadelphia newspaper called the Notebook. Basically, the Notebook is a non-profit paper dedicated solely to covering the city’s public schools. While the Inquirer and Daily News – Philly’s jointly operated major dailies – are in bankruptcy, the Notebook is flourishing. Its circulation is […]

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