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Now Showing…

Strangely enough, I was on local Portland TV a couple weeks ago. The NBC affiliate here was looking to do a story on the roll-out of Google’s new privacy policy (see below), and they came to PSU for some ‘expert’ commentary. My phone rang, and 30 minutes later reporter+cameraman were in my office, filming. I […]

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in the news!

This would be a regular, boring update: a couple articles that I wrote / co-wrote have migrated from my harddrive into print. One, in Political Behavior, examines the relationship between race, sex, and scandals in politics. One, in Newspaper Research Journal, explores the function of community newspapers in local political campaigns. (Versions of both […]

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a scientific conceit…and the news

A new post that I wrote just went up over at Next American City. The┬ápost – which is about a pair of different attempts at building the news organization for the 21st century – grew out of reading a couple pieces in the Atlantic that came at the topic from very different starting points. One […]

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what’s lost when audiences diffuse

One of my professors at Penn, Elihu Katz, had a very interesting opportunity during his career. In the late 1960s, Katz was already an esteemed professor at Chicago when Israel asked him to lead the rollout of broadcast TV in that country. Though TV was obviously invented decades earlier and was a cultural phenomenon […]

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Sotomayor confirmation: So much coverage, so little news

It’s Friday afternoon, and for the first time all week, the frontpage of nytimes.com isn’t dominated by the Sotomayor confirmation hearings. (Instead, there’s a picture of Tiger Woods about to throw a golf club out of fury!) All week long, I’ve been asking myself whether the extraordinarily detailed coverage of the Sotomayor hearings was […]

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