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Dead Newspapers, Live Scholarship, and Slow Posts

Another academic year is in the books, and I certainly didn’t find much time to blog. You could argue that I was working on more important things — teaching, publishing, etc. Or, you could argue that I was only responding to immediate incentives and failing to heed the long-term benefits of blogging. Maybe both?
At any […]

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Dead Newspapers and the Damage Done

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on a paper that examines whether or not there were any negative effects upon Seattle and Denver when they lost one of their major newspapers (the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Rocky Mountain News). After a slow process, the paper has now been accepted for publication in […]

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the delinquent blogger awakens…

Over the weekend, the Christian Science Monitor posted the online version of a cover story that they just published about the implications of the demise of newspapers – and the story features some quotes from your truly. By now, it’s old news: newspapers are fading into oblivion around the United States. Big papers like the […]

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Do newspapers matter? Can we prove it?

The trajectory of your home-town newspaper over the last 20 years probably hasn’t been upward. As the chart above suggests, starting even before the rise of the internet, major daily newspapers have steadily seen their audience erode (and possibly die, literally). Pew has covered the dissolution of the newspaper industry in great detail over the […]

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