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our bloated, yet disappearing, local media

The Times published an interesting piece this week about the decline of local TV news. The article, available here, summarized a practice that I was only vaguely aware of: TV stations sharing newsrooms & producing replica newscasts (but with different anchors). Obviously, it’s cheaper to produce a newscast if you don’t have to pay, you […]

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Now Showing…

Strangely enough, I was on local Portland TV a couple weeks ago. The NBC affiliate here was looking to do a story on the roll-out of Google’s new privacy policy (see below), and they came to PSU for some ‘expert’ commentary. My phone rang, and 30 minutes later reporter+cameraman were in my office, filming. I […]

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NAC post: saving local news with thin air

A couple weeks ago, I was reveling in free over-the-air Olympic coverage. Crystal clear picture & sound for the low, low price of $0 a month. Fantastic. The weird thing is, after decades of watching crappy broadcast TV, Americans suddenly have great, free HD – and nobody uses it. And now that the Olympics are […]

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